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About You

We know you have questions.

The fact is, you are probably only going to go solar once, and it’s extremely important to get it right. Since we’ve yet to see any two projects that were identical, of course, you have questions. That’s what we’re here for.

There’s no hype here. Solar has rapidly advanced and is now a proven, excellent alternative to escalating utility costs. Our commitment to you is simple. You make all the decisions and we answer your questions with common sense answers and solutions. It all starts with you.

Let us know how you would like this process to work for you. If you would like to talk at your home, online, or even on the phone that’s fine. At some point, we will need to visit your home of course. Most appointments can be scheduled within 72 hours at your convenience.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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Good Sun Solar - What's in a Name

The Best Solar Designs use what we call the Good Sun.

We are principled people who are solar analysts, designers and builders first.  From 90 degrees east to 270 degrees west, this ‘arc of the sun is the ideal area to design solar for maximum efficiency.   

Efficiency is the keyword.  Roof orientation, condition, size, and pitch, as well as shading, are all very important - however, our goal is always efficiency.   

Efficiency leads to stronger savings, fewer panels, and a better design.

We love efficiency.   We love the Good Sun. 

Good Sun Solar Company

About Good Sun

We are a high-tech, turnkey solar company with a very high level of personal customer service.

Completely hands-on, we design all our systems in-house and perform all our own installations.  You are our customer, now and in the future.   

To fully appreciate a good solar design, you need to fully understand it.   At Good Sun, it's our goal to ensure that you not only get all your questions answered, but that you fully understand how it works. 

Once your system is in service, we routinely conduct numerous follow-up appointments with you to ensure your continued satisfaction.  We invite comparison on this point as well.

Having successfully completed 100’s of solar installations, we are well equipped to handle your solar needs, and to also make sure that your solar home improvement project is something you can be proud of for years to come.  

Yours in service,

Good Sun - A Solar Company 

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